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Building Relationships.



Tenant Representation / Landlord Representation

Quite simply, our primary focus is building and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients.  We fully recognize what separates us from other firms is the value we place on our commitment to you and the trust you have placed in us.  Our job is to participate on every level of representation and to ensure that you are not only reaching your expansion goals but exceeding your expectations.

At Cantrell & Morgan we have been fortunate to have partnered with a number of national and regional clients throughout the entire spectrum of the commercial and retail industries.  While our client roster has grown throughout the years, we remain selective so we won’t compromise our ability to represent you without conflict of interest and you can be assured that you have the resources of our entire organization behind you.


Over the years, our team of professionals has been associated with a wide range of leasing projects. Cantrell & Morgan has strong relationships with local, regional, and national tenants. We know who the decision makers are and how to effectively reach them with the right information at the right time.  Throughout the entire leasing process we provide the proper resources and effective communication to ensure the best possible results.

Given all the dynamics in the retail environment today, it is more important than ever that leasing professionals look at a comprehensive strategy with proper tenant mix, competitive analysis, retailer alliances, and the overall benefit to the shopping center and the community’s shopping experience. We truly understand the tenant and the owner’s needs and what it takes to ensure a successful shopping center and our focus is to deliver that to our clients.

Site Acquisition

All of Cantrell & Morgan’s resources are made available to each client and our brokers as our intention is to execute your strategy efficiently and effectively.  Whether your need is multiple market penetration or several locations within an MSA, we have the staff and tools necessary to accomplish your goals.

Identifying opportunities is only a part of the process.  We pride ourselves on understanding all of the dynamics associated with real estate. Compiling market data, sales comparables, competition studies, demographic research, trade area designation, as well as many other tools are utilized to ensure that our clients are getting the latest and most useful information so they can make an informed decision during the site selection process.

Our market knowledge has been built over many years and is a direct result of our people and their experience and expertise within the commercial real estate industry.

Trade Area Analysis and Market Studies

With any growth strategy, a number of tasks must be accomplished in determining the proper penetration into a given market.  At C&M, we utilize a number of techniques and research programs which provide a clear picture and approach for our clients.  When building the trade area and market studies, a tremendous amount of resources and manpower are behind every report.  We know that information is only as good as its source and with our ever changing environment, information is living and breathing, not static.  Our clients enjoy real time reporting and demographic studies along with projections based on historical and empirical data.

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